What Is A SoulMate?
Date : April 18, 2015

This is a timeless question and a quest embarked upon by many; the search for a soul companion to share your life and dreams.

The concept of a soulmate has existed in the mind of man from his earliest origins. Ancient man believed that the soul was cloven in two at its creation and that these two halves were went out into the world to learn and to grow. Once they find one another again, man will be whole and complete with a wealth of experiences to share with his other half.

The concept has been romanticized in many cultures and some fantastical qualities have been assigned to soulmates. The belief is that one will experience instant recognition of your other half upon meeting. Think Romeo and Juliet without the bad ending. A soulmate is defined as another person who makes an instant connection with you on a deeper level.

This person will understand your motivations and be able to key into you on an emotional level. A soul mate will accept you with unconditional love and will return that love without reservation. It is considered a very pure kind of love. Some are jaded and do not believe in the concept of soul mates, but others hang onto the belief that they exist and will settle for nothing less than a soul mate connection.

Finding your soul mate is really up to divine timing. To be in the right place, at the right moment is a feat that can only be achieved by forces beyond our understanding. The two souls have to be ready to embrace this type of deep abiding love with open hearts and open minds.

Many people mistake soul mate relationships for something else. A soul mate’s love is unconditional. They do not love you because you are the director of a large corporation, are wealthy, live in a fine house in the most upmarket area in Johannesburg or because you have a parking garage filled with exotic cars. A soul mate connection goes beyond material pursuits.

Soul mates share a unique connection and will often know what the other person is going to say before they say it. They will do peculiar things like finish one another’s sentences or will be able to anticipate the other person’s needs. Soul mates give of themselves freely to the other person.

Many people seek this type of connection or relationship, but are not ready to truly accept it into their lives. To be able to attract this kind of connection with another living soul, you have to have a degree of enlightenment, a degree of maturity on a soul level.

Be open to love, forgive the petty things, look for the best in people and approach your life with a positive attitude and you may find that your soulmate is just around the next corner. How will you know them when you see them? This is something unique to each person, but I can guarantee that at your first meeting, you will feel a sense of recognition and as though you have known them all your life, even though you have just them.

The Truth Behind Dating Relationships To Find Your Soulmate
Date : April 18, 2015

An informative look at the signs and symptoms that you have found the right person for you and how to know when you need to keep looking.

Dating relationships are as unique as the two people who take the headlong plunge into the murky waters of romance. The journey to find your soulmate is not an easy one for most. We may hear tales of two souls who meet in preschool and who, fifty years later, are happily married, but this is rare.

For those of you who have not enjoyed such good fortune in the romance department, you may find that dating relationships come and go while you search to find your soulmate. The question to ask is, how do you know when you have found the right one?

For some, it is as simple as a mutual, instant attraction that draws the two individuals together. You will know when you find your soulmate, for this one person will be the one you think of first when you wake up and they will be your last thought as you close your eyes at night. You will both find yourselves wanting to spend every free moment together and will constantly be amazed at your fascination with one another.

Dating relationships do, of course, vary from individual to individual. Not everyone may find this instant spark of attraction. Some love grows over time and what may begin as a casual dating relationship may strengthen into a deep abiding love for one another.

Your strongest guide, believe it or not, is your intuition. Positive feelings and experiences are your best guide. Is there a mutual feeling of happiness and excitement when you are together? Does this relationship stand out for you against all others? Are you being treated with respect? Does the other person make you smile, even when they are not around?

Have they spoken about you to their friends and family and have they started introducing you into their inner circle? Do they call you often and make plans to meet up with you? Do they surprise you with thoughtful gestures and do they take the time to discuss issues important to them, with you? Do you share similar viewpoints on topics that both interest you?

Relationships that are following this pattern are certainly pointing to something that may well evolve into a long-term or even a lifelong commitment. However, there are also signs that may well point to a relationship that will not last.

Again, use your emotional compass as a barometer. Do you end the date feeling uncertain or even unhappy about the way things went? Do they speak openly about their friends, family and lifestyle or do you get a sense that things are being concealed from you? Does your potential partner talk about introducing you to their friends?

Do they hesitate to make future plans with you, or do they only make arrangements to see you mid-week, always somehow ‘busy’ over weekends? Do they call you infrequently? Do they seem distracted or disinterested during telephone or face to face conversations?

These are tell-tale signs that this particular dating relationship may not be the right one for you.