5 Tips For Singles Dating
Date : April 18, 2015

Tip # 1 – The Introduction
First impressions count and your initial introduction, particularly on an internet dating site, will be a deciding factor. Singles dating is pretty much a hit and miss game and a poor impression will not count in your favour.

Use a recent solitary photograph of yourself on the dating website. A photo of you with your ex-girlfriend or worse, with your ex-girlfriends face cut out of the picture, is not going to make a good impression. Steer clear of group photo’s, it makes it difficult to know who you are if they have never met you. Rather use a bad photograph of yourself than no photo at all!

Read their profile and make an effort to respond with a reference to something they have mentioned. A short sentence or two should be enough. If they respond, then take it from there, but do not write a novel length introduction – you will only be more disappointed if they do not respond. This may sound obvious, but use a spell checker if you are not good at spelling.

Tip # 2 – Flirting
Keep it light, fun and be subtle. Sexual advances made too early may well scare off a potential date, particularly if you are too graphic. There needs to be a mutual understanding between both parties, even if the goal is a simple sexual encounter, approach it with finesse.

Tip # 3 – What you need to know
Singles dating is about getting to know another person well enough to decide if you would like to meet them and then, if you would like to spend more time with them. Do not be afraid to ask questions about their viewpoints on anything and everything. This does not have to be in an interrogation style fashion, but merely as a way to learn more about them.

Tip # 4 – Playing it safe
Caution is warranted when traversing the world of singles dating. Do not be in a rush to divulge personal information, including your home address, telephone number or your place of employment. First get to know your date a little better and be sure you feel comfortable with them before you give them too much information about yourself.

If you at any time feel unsure, pressured, or uncomfortable during your singles dating experience, that is a warning sign that something is amiss. Trust your instincts, as your intuition will never steer you in the wrong direction. Do only what you feel comfortable in doing and do not be afraid to back out of a situation that makes you feel nervous.

Tip # 5 – Scare tactics
Sometimes we are blind to our own actions and when you are exploring the world of singles dating a few rules should be applied, particularly when it comes to safe topics. Do not discuss emotional wounds from a past relationship on the first date, nor should you focus on negative aspects in your life. This sort of information will very likely scare away a potential suitor. Keep things light, positive and your single dating experience should be a pleasant one.

What You Need To Know About Singles Dating
Date : April 18, 2015

Singles dating should be a fun and enlivening experience, but take note of some of the danger signs.

Singles dating is as activity as old as humanity itself and over time it has evolved with the times. There was a stage when no woman could go anywhere without a chaperone and there were very strict rules of behaviour regarding courting. These codes of conduct have long been left by the wayside.

The modern woman who takes the plunge into singles dating may well be looking for love and romance but she may find something entirely different. This same fact applies to the males of the species as well. Your intuition is your best guide when getting to know another person with a view to a romantic entanglement, but there are some telltale signs to look out for.

Does your new love interest evade your questions about things like past relationships, family, lifestyle, place of employment, what they do in their free time and so forth? This may not seem quite so obvious at first, but if a person is reticent to divulge personal information, especially with regards to friends and family, you may well want to be very wary.

Getting to know someone new is half the fun and if you have any doubts about the truth of their claims you would be wise to listen to your inner voice. Singles dating should be approached with a modicum of caution on your part. Take particular note of emotional content.

Does your new friend seem to anger easily? A quick temper does not always point to a physically violent individual, but volatility displayed in the early courtship phase of singles dating is a warning sign. Usually a new suitor will be on their best behaviour, so signs of temper in the early stages may point to someone who has difficulty controlling their emotions.

Be wary of a new partner who wants to cement things too quickly between you. Three dates does not mean that you are in a relationship and a man who starts referring to you as his girlfriend before asking you out should make you wary. This is particularly true if they seem jealous or overly possessive when you interact with other people around you.

Does he or she call you constantly wanting to know where you are, who you are with, what you are doing and why you are doing it? Be extremely wary of a person who immediately starts trying to organise your schedule and tries to alienate you from friends or family. A man or woman who wants to isolate you and makes you feel smothered may well have co-dependency issues and may well try to control you with emotional blackmail.

This sort of behaviour in the early stages of singles dating should have you heading for the door at a quickened pace. If you at any time feel threatened or coerced into doing something that does not feel comfortable to you, then this is a sure sign that this person is not the right one for you.