What Is Internet Dating?
Date : April 18, 2015

A how to guide for the newbie Internet user who wishes to foray into the world of on line romance.

SA 6Internet dating is a fairly new twist on an old concept. Thanks to the modern convenience that is the world wide web it is now possible to gain access to thousands of dating sites where millions of users, just like you, are looking for romance.

Internet dating is a way to widen your romantic horizons. In the not too distant past, man lived in clannish groups and the opportunity of finding a mate was limited to a small variety of available suitors dependant on topographical location. Clans were mostly related and so to bring in new blood, to strengthen ties between various clans, marriages were often used to cement alliances.

A quick glance at any history book can attest to this, as kings would choose a queen from a neighbouring country to strengthen the bonds of trade and alliance on an international scale. For the common man and indeed, the common woman, the choice of a partner was limited to the area in which you lived.

Thanks to the wonders of internet dating, location is no longer a factor. Men can now traverse the globe in the space of a single day and the internet is an avenue to meeting people you would otherwise never have met. It is no longer strange to find a woman from the United Kingdom married to a man who originates from the distant country of Australia or for a New Zealander to find his ideal partner in the form of a woman who hails from France.

Such is the wonder of this marvellous concept that we now live in a global village where we are no longer limited to seeking out a partner within a limited radius. The sky is, literally, the limit. It is now as simple as selecting a dating site that suits your preferences, registering, usually for free and setting up a profile.

A profile is an area on the website that contains your basic information and can contain such mundane information as your height and weight as well as your physical characteristics, including photographs and your personal interests. You can even select criteria for the sort of partner that you are seeking and a search feature can search those criteria for you.

There is an old saying, that every pot has its lid. In times gone by, if your lid happened to live in China while you found yourself in the United States, well, you might spend a lifetime trying to find your ideal partner and never succeed. Now, distance is hardly a factor in your quest for love.
Internet dating has made it possible to easily find someone with similar interests, ideals and goals. Many sites also offer premium membership which provides extra features and advantages for a small fee. You may partake in various quizzes and personality testing to figure out your personality type and which other personality types you are most suited to. A grading system makes it easy to select other individuals who are most likely to be compatible with you. Modern marvel or magic, internet dating is the wave of the future.