The Art Of Dating Women
Date : April 18, 2015

What do women really want when they agree to meet for a date? This age old question deserves an answer.

In an attempt to define the art of dating women one has to take a closer look at the typical human female of the species. No two women are alike and this leaves most men in a quandary over how to approach a woman that he feels drawn to. Any woman, no matter if she be old, young, reserved, spontaneous, a quietly spoken femme fatale or a rough and tumble biker babe, is going to appreciate being spoken to with respect.

SA 13A woman wants to be acknowledged, treated with kindness, affection and appreciation. These concepts may sound far too simple to be believable, but even in this modern age of the emancipated woman, being a gentleman and treating a lady with respect still goes a long way. Treat a woman like an equal and you will be pleasantly surprised by her reaction.

Women want to be around people who make them feel good about themselves. Indeed, I think every person wants this. Still, do not be afraid to compliment a woman on her appearance, on her taste in music, clothing, furniture, movies and so forth. A woman will be drawn to someone who can stimulate her intellect and make her laugh.

Engage a woman in witty conversation, discuss things that interest her, make an effort to find out what she is passionate about. Consideration is the key. This sort of approach is to be used within reason of course. Not every woman you meet is going to spark your interest intellectually but the goal when dating women is to find common ground.

A woman is not going to enjoy a lengthy diatribe about sports if this is not her sphere of interest. You may not feel inclined to discuss the benefits of hairspray for an hour and a half – another key is compromise. Find a subject you both enjoy. Dating women is not a science and the experience should be enjoyable for both of you.

Be honest. When you first begin dating women you might be tempted to spin tales about certain aspects of your life, but at the end of the day if the relationship progresses you may well be caught out in your lie. Be open-minded and if you find yourself faced with a subject that you do not know anything about, do not dismiss it off-hand.

This can be an extremely off-putting approach. Listen, learn and do not be afraid to admit your ignorance if you are faced with a topic you know nothing about. Your lady friend will most likely be happy to explain things to you, particularly if it is a subject of interest to her. You are never too old to learn something new.

Be generous. This does not mean that you should part with the paper in your wallet. Be generous with yourself. Listen, engage in the conversation, be easy and relaxed, laugh, make eye contact. During conversation momentarily touch her hand or arm to let her know that you are interested in what she has to say. Dating women should be an enjoyable experience for you both.

Five Secrets To Dating Girls
Date : April 18, 2015

Below you will find five time tested tips for creating a good first impression and for enjoying a successful first date that will leave the lady wanting to meet with you again.

Secret #1 – Grooming –
Many men do not realize the importance of good grooming when it comes to dating girls in general. A woman will notice little things, like whether you bothered to shave or whether your hands and nails are clean and well-manicured. Boys, leave your scruffy but favourite pair of hiking boots with the tear in the leather at home!
Make sure you are wearing something un-creased and well-fitted, minus stains or rips. Be sure that you smell fresh and clean and not like you just stepped out of the gym on a hot summer’s afternoon after an hour’s workout. You do not need to reek the room out with your favourite aftershave, but a subtle hint of fragrance will be noticed and appreciated.

SA 4Secret #2 – Body Language –
Many people do not realize the importance of body language when it comes to dating girls. This unspoken language can relay tons of information to a casual observer. Embrace your full height, stand tall with your shoulders back, head up… no matter if you are short or tall, good posture creates an impression of self-confidence.
Be careful about folding your arms or crossing your legs. This signals a desire for self-protection or an unconscious need to block oneself off from the other person. Be sure to make eye contact during conversation and a simple gesture like touching the girl’s arm during conversation lets her know that you are listening and acknowledging her presence.

Secret #3 – Listening –
The entire point of dating girls is to find some common ground and we learn about others by listening to what they tell us. Every person has something to teach us and this is a good way to find out more about them. Even if the topic is not one that really interests you, remember than an individual is a multi-faceted being and that as you ask questions, listening to your date’s answers, you may find an avenue of conversation that may well interest you.

Secret #4 – Charm –
Be a gentleman, open doors for her, offer the lady her seat first, stand when she does and allow her to walk ahead of you. These things may seem unimportant in today’s world of emancipated women, but a gentleman’s approach is something that any girl will appreciate. Simple courtesy goes a long way, even in the simple use of the words “please” and “thank you.”

Secret #5 – Topics to avoid –
Yes, there are a few. The death knell of any date is the sound of you droning on and on… and on about your failed marriage, relationship, business and so forth. Cynicism and complaints are definite turn offs. Stick to conversational topics and keep the tone light-hearted.
So, no talk of death, or your latest therapy session with your psychiatrist where you delved into the emotional trauma associated with the maiming of your pet chihuahua. Stay away from any topic related to past relationships that ended badly or any topic that may bring out feelings of anger, resentment or pain in you.