How Best To Use Dating Personals
Date : April 18, 2015

Enjoy an informative look into how to post an advertisement in a dating personals column or website that will meet with a positive response.

For some people the search for love and romance is unsuccessful and spending countless hours in noisy crowded bars or nightclubs simply loses its appeal. It can be difficult to meet new and interesting people in an overcrowded setting where the music is too loud and everyone has had too much alcohol. For some this is a great formula to meet others, but if this is not for you then you might consider dating personals.

The various avenues to this sort of partner search are almost endless. Dating personals can be found in your local newspaper, in magazines and most popularly, on the Internet. You can access any of these resources, though most newspaper and magazines will ask a small fee to place an advert in their dating columns.

This is not necessarily the case for all publications and you will find many online sites that will offer free opportunities to place and advert. The decision to take this step is an easy one, but what is your next step? Putting together an advert for a dating column can be quite daunting.

SA 12What do you say? What information do you include? You usually have only a few lines in which to state what it is you are looking for. By their nature, “dating personals” are brief. The safe route is to begin by stating your age and sex and perhaps a personal reference.

So you may begin by writing, “Fun-loving 23 year old Indian guy -” and then progress on to what sort of person you would like to respond to the advert. This is entirely up to personal choice and preference. You might say, “Fun-loving 23 year old Indian guy seeks a lady of similar age and background to enjoy evenings out with a view to romance.”

This entry is followed by a contact number. Some services will use a telephone service, so that you do not have to disclose any personal information and this is done with your safety and privacy in mind. Dating personals are open to anyone and everyone, so it makes sense to take certain precautions when it comes to safe guarding your personal information.

Many people will use pseudonyms. A pseudonym is, quite simply put, a false name. Choosing your pseudonym can be a fun process and may be in reference to a hobby that you enjoy or it may be connected to what you do for a living or even make a reference to your appearance.

You can submit your advert with a name like, “greeneyes27” or perhaps “scubadiver” or how about “gothicgirl”. Be creative and imaginative when you choose your pseudonym. The pseudonym is an introduction to who you are and what you represent and you can see the difference in reaction one may have to a name like “romanticgirl” as opposed to “racerboy19” or “evilgenius”. Take time to pick a name that appeals to you and remember, there is certainly nothing wrong with choosing “Steve35” if that is, indeed, your name and age.